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how to save money while shopping on amazon

How To Save Money While Shopping On Amazon

Amazon is a household name in the online shopping industry.  Think of anything you want to buy, and you will find it on Amazon. Nowadays, people don't even go to physical stores to purchase whatever they need. You will find here some of the best easy way and some unique tips and trick to save money while shopping on Amazon.

Shopping is made easy, and convenience is taken to a whole new level thanks to the Amazon online shopping. With that said, we are currently living in tough times, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This calls for ways to save on money while shopping online.  I have put together some little-known amazon hacks that will help you save cash and better your shopping experience on Amazon.

Check out here latest tips and trick to save money when shopping on Amazon

Make use of price tracking tools.

The truth is a good number of the products on amazon tend to drop in price after a period of time. You can use tracking tools that notify you whenever certain items have a price drop. This ensures you buy products at the best time possible.

Sign up for the amazon prime membership

You might have heard of the amazon prime membership but probably ignored it, thinking it may not be that useful. The fact is millions of people shopping on amazon are saving tons of cash by simply being prime members? Yes, you heard me right. There are definitely some profound benefits that come with signing up and becoming a prime member. These include free shipping, discounts on some items, free grocery delivery courtesy of amazon fresh, exclusive access to the amazon sales events and offers, and much more.

The trick here is to determine just how much of amazon shopper you are. If you frequently place orders, then being a prime member would be a prudent decision. The membership, of course, does not come free. You are required to pay $119 per year, and there are also discounts for students or cheaper plans for those who find this too expensive.

Opt for Alexa shopping

This is another notable way to cut down on costs while shopping. There are always some savvy deals on Alexa if you took the time to search around. As a matter of fact, it’s a simple process that will only take you a few minutes before you can spot a good deal. Simply ask Alexa the deals available for the day, and you'll be surprised at the many saving opportunities that are right there at your disposal.

Share your amazon prime with the Amazon household.

Sharing is caring, right? Amazon understands that very well. That's why they allow you to share your prime benefits with your spouse and children if you have any. This means that it's not just you who will be saving money but your entire household. This should certainly sound like music to your ears. All you have to do is add your loved ones to your prime account and make sure you all use the same mode of payments.

Some of the perks they are likely to enjoy include limitless storage with Amazon photos, free streaming of movies with prime video, early access to the amazon lighting deals, free 2 day shipping of any as many as fifty million products, easy sharing of digital content and so much more.

Make use of the Amazon coupons.

 You will never run out of ways to save money while doing some Amazon online shopping. With that said, their digital coupons are one of those ways you will cut down on costs.  Check the special product pages for the coupons. There are thousands of available Amazon coupons on a variety of products such as groceries, beauty products, and some household items. Keep in mind, there are coupons exclusively meant for the prime members but if you are a non-member, you can always find something too.

Try the free amazon prime

Not everyone can afford to pay the $12.99 per month, which is the prime price. However, this does not mean you cannot at least get to know how the prime membership works and enjoy its benefits. Amazon gives you a 30 day free trial on Amazon prime if you are not sure about signing up. Afterward, you can decide if it's something that you would want or not. During the trial, you experience firsthand all the benefits of being a prime member. In case you don't want to sign up, then ensure you have canceled the subscription at the end of the 30 days.

Bundle items for cheaper shipping

Most of the time, it’s only the prime members who get to enjoy free and faster shipping. This doesn't mean non-member can't have their items shipped for free. There is a planthora of products on amazon that are eligible for free shipping especially if you make a purchase above $25.

The best thing to do is shop for more than one item and they will be put together and shipped to you for free. Take some time to plan out your purchase so that you get the items that you need and also benefit from free shipping.

Try shopping on the Amazon warehouse

If you are looking for the cheapest deals on items, then the amazon warehouse is the place to be. All the products here are discounted big time. As a matter of fact, some of them have up to 50% discounts. Just ensure the item you choose is in a good working condition because some of them are usually returned or used.

Be on the lookout for the daily deals

This is one thing that you should not ignore when on a mission to save money while shopping on amazon.  At the top of the website page, there is a tab written on it, Todays Amazon deals. You just have to click on it and discover some great discounted deals. Remember that the discounts on those items are only viable for one day. Therefore, if you find something good you better buy it within the day.

Select the slower shipping times

This is for the prime members. If you are purchasing an item and you don’t need it right away then you can select the no rush shipping. With this, you get an automatic discount on the order as well as promotional credits.