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As the stat mentioned in statistics, In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. During the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars and projections show growth of up to 4.48 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021. But online shopping is not just like clicking and checkout for delivery to show up outside your front door but if you give little extra efforts you can save money! Check out our some effective tips and ideas for online shopping that will help you to save money: Check out for Coupons: Many people used to ignore finding coupons because of hurry or may be laziness. This may be difficult to search coupons for products that you looking for but give time in finding coupons. Most of retailers used to give offers through coupons while shopping online and the best option to find coupons for your products is that gives you wide range of coupons with all types of products. Buying on Right Day: Most people are used to buy on sunday but this is not the right way. Many stores release offers and discounts on wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday is a perfect day to purchase airline tickets as Monday is the most expensive. According to Rather Be Shopping, Tuesday is the perfect day to grab a laptop and desktop computers as most of the retailers like Dell Home and Hewlett-Packard offer special coupons every Tuesday. Use Price-Comparison: Price comparison helps you to find out the cheapest product with all the features that you want. Thus, you can save lots of money while online shopping. Subscribe Newsletters: This best way if you check your mail every day. Buy subscribing newsletter you will get regular updates of offers and discounts from different retailers. Many companies used to give quick discounts up to 30 to 40% off, the moment you sign up. Check out for Price-Drop Refunds: Price-Drop is a situation like when you purchase a product and you find that product on sale on very next day, How will you feel? But no worries!! You should contact them that I missed this offer as I bought that yesterday. Never Check Out Immediately: Remember that whenever you add the product into a cart, Don’t buy immediately and exit from a site after adding it to cart. So that you will find offers or discounts for that product that you have added to the cart. So, Hope that you have found some useful tips for saving money while shopping online.

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Well, Hello Friends We all love to do shopping and why not!!! But when it comes to pricing, We got confused and stop yourself from shopping because of high price. We also used to feel same. And keeping in mind this we thought to build genuine and authentic online platform- CouponAmuse from where people can find latest coupon codes, offers and deals and you can buy what you want and save some bucks. We have tried to bring all categories here and making this platform as much easy as possible. We also welcome suggestions from you to make this platform - CouponAmuse best place to find offers and deals. Let’s Understand How works CouponAmuse: We do research online to find best affiliate platforms where these kinds of deals and offers are available and place here on CouponAmuse. When some come to our platform and buy from here we earns some bucks or we can say commission as we place here affiliates links. Coupon Amuse Categories: Here you can find all kinds of categories like Clothings, Cosmetics, Home and Living, Travel and etc … Click Here CouponAmuse Store: Here you can find latest updated stores and it’s coupons and if you want to find specific store you can use search bar available in store and find its store. Click Here CouponAmuse Coupons: Find here latest updated and authentic coupon codes and deals from all retailers and sellers available on the internet. Click Here Submit Coupons, Deals and Offers If you are running Ecommerce or doing any kind of online business and you also offers coupon codes, deals and offers regular basis, You can submit here by filling below contact form. We will help you to reach to your customers. Submit Coupon   Thanks You, Happy Shopping…

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